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1024x768 Flower: Snow Roses Pink Orange White B... ((BETTER))

Globe Amaranth are a small, annual amaranth with showy brightly colored bobble-like flower clusters. They are available in a variety of colors in shades of purple, red, magenta, hot pink, orange, white, and lilac.

1024x768 Flower: Snow Roses Pink Orange White B...

Oleander (Nerium oleander), also known as rose bay, is native to the Mediterranean region eastward to India and southern China. It is in the same family as frangipani and milkweed. Oleander is grown as a heat- and drought-tolerant evergreen flowering shrub in gardens throughout Florida. It has also escaped from cultivation and become established in the wild at scattered locations around the state. There are hundreds of cultivated varieties of oleander, which vary considerably in size and have single or double flowers in shades of pink, red or white (less often, yellow or orange). All parts of the oleander plant, including the milky latex produced by cut stems or leaves, contain a variety of cardiotoxic compounds that impact heart function. Many animal species are affected by the toxins, including humans, pets, livestock and some wildlife. In people, poisoning has been attributed to eating honey made from oleander flowers, inhaling smoke from burning branches, holding flowers or stems in the mouth, using cut branches to stir soup or roast meat over a fire and incorporating leaves or flowers in herbal teas.

Who can resist roses? Symbolizing relationships, love, and beauty, roses are a June birth flower. Despite the huge popularity of red roses, the other colors, such as yellow, pink, white, and peach are also among the most popular ones. That is because every color of roses has their own meanings.

Flowering quinces offer multi-seasonal interest. Red, orange, pink, or white flowers (depending on variety) appear around the same time as spring crocus, hyacinths, and early tulips are also beautifying gardens. Flowers are glorious over 10 to 14 days. Blooms, as large as 1.5 inches in diameter, either appear singly or in clusters of 2-4. Several months later, the 2.5 inch long yellow-green quince fruits ripen. 041b061a72


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