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Fallout 4 Voiced Companion Mods

Every game has a mechanic of its own, and just like that, the affinity of companions is also a part of fallout 4. Their dialogues and actions can notice the relationship of the companion. They, too, have feelings! Also, they do not just help you around in your quests; they also require help from their masters in their quests. Yes, you heard that right, companions can also have their quests, and they will ask for your help. For players to keep track of the affinity rates between them and their companions, they can use the visible companion affinity mod to notify them of any positive or negative changes in their companions.

Fallout 4 Voiced Companion Mods

The game does not allow you to own all of the companions at once. You may be able to choose one or two companions at the time, but with this mod, you will be able to get a hold of all the available companions in fallout 4. In addition to dogmeat, you can recruit others as well. You might have noticed that when you select another companion besides dogmeat, the game will replace him with the current companion. Do not worry! Now, you can keep more than the required number of companions, and if you think about it, this would be one of the best fallout 4 companion mods to install.

Moreover, the overall looks of the companions can turn out to be in high resolution and more appealing. The mod can give you a custom face overhaul of your human companion. It turns out, the Overhaul mod is frequently used as fallout 4 best looking companion mods.

There are a few fallout 4 best male companion mods that you can find on the internet and test out for yourself. Of course, playing the same old game with repetitive content can become tiresome. As mentioned above, these are the top best fallout 4 companion mods that will make your experience within the game enjoyable, fun, and thrilling.

If players have grown tired of listening to the sulky Boone or the tough-as-nails Cass, there exists plenty of companion mods to spice up the proceedings. A small handful of these mods really stand out from the rest due to the stellar level of work and creativity that went into their creation.

Rusty even comes fully voiced if the player is so inclined. He's a bit of a potty-mouth, so be prepared. However, there is a silent version of this mod also available if players don't want to listen to a chattering stuffed animal. Rusty is a recommended companion for more lighthearted playthroughs.

Not every companion mod is built for pure combat. One of the more unique mods on Nexus is the Storyteller Companion. It was created by ShoddyCast, a Youtuber who specializes in Fallout lore. His follower mod reflects that same lore-centric focus.

Yet another lore-friendly option, Russell is one of the more popular companion mods. A former Desert Ranger, Russell is a tough and experienced bounty hunter who's more than capable in a fight. He comes with his own questline, which features over 2 hours of additional content.

Most Bethesda games get great companion mods that players can download to engage with custom-made companions that are fleshed out quite a bit. Fallout 4 is no exception to this golden rule, and players who want to check out some great modded companions for the game can start out with Mary Jane.

Bethesda titles are full to the brim with unique companion mods. These creations allow players to interact with fan-made characters that have a ton of love and effort put into them. Heather Casdin is one such companion mod that deserves its plaudits for being one of the more fleshed-out fan-made characters out there.

Ellen is another companion, this time created by modder guicool. She is a cartographer who was born in New Vegas and has roamed the American Wasteland. She can be recruited by the player character by helping her on her journey across the Commonwealth. She has more than 1200+ voiced lines in the game and has many unique interactions with the player.

This mod could be its own expansion as its gameplay ranges from 4 to 5 hours. This was created by modder NikaCola who now works at Bethesda as a Quest Designer, so you know it's amazing to say the least. You meet Kit who is a fully voiced companion with her own unique dialogue and reactions to certain main game events. She has over 6000 lines of original dialogue and possesses lockpicking and hacking abilities. It truly is a great mod to play with.


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