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Command And Conquer - Generals Hour Zero No CD ~UPD~ Crack Key Gen ~UPD~ Crack

C&C Generals Zero Hour v1.04 NoCD patch by Iguana/MegatecDate: 2005.05.02Notes:We Z:H addicts of Croatia waited and waited and waited but no crack for v1.04 appeared, none of the 2 existing mini images worked for meso I decided to do something about it. I have to thank iND for v1.03 patch without which this one probably wouldn't exist.Regards to all the generals out there! I salute you!Enjoy this excellent game!Install:1) copy to the safe place "generals.exe" & "game.dat" from your game dir (in case of more patches)2) copy "generals.exe" & "game.dat" from this archive to your game dir overwriting original files when prompted3) n-joy commanding your troopsSpecial greetings to the following generals: Cim - GLA toxin master, smelly ******* :) Crveni - the loverboy from capitol city =) Bimbo/PhoneLez - lay off the booze, stimulants aren't allowed :*) FoxxBL - The quick brown over-a-century old fox jumps over the lazy dog... :] Giovanni - Zhivio snoohshuy, ali zhivili Generalsi josh vishe! :) Shark - It's not the fight, it's the BITE... that counts! :] Emp(eror) - plochica po plochica, eto cijele bazice... :) Pingi - the man with the strongest right hand of them all :)And to all the other NEW guys in Z:H conflict: PatchKiller, Igi, Tantrum, Toma, Nemilostivi, BladeRunner... and all Croatian generals.Additional greetings to all "VT LAN Party" participants in VT/Croatia, all Megatec members, all the people I forgot and to YOU, general Sir. :)(Iguana/Megatec)

Command and Conquer - Generals Hour Zero No CD crack Key gen Crack

Yeah, I don't think im allowed to provide a link to it on this forum due to thier piracy policy, but it shouldn't be too hard, just google something like "gamecopyworld command and conquer generals zero hour" and you should find it, remember to download the no-cd version for the version of your game and replace your exe with the provided one.

hi suleiman i'm joseph from lebanon i saw how nice you are and know in this field i have a problem and i need your help. i downloaded generals deluxe edition cracked from on my main pc which is an y720 it worked fine nothing wrong. i have 2 laptops that wouldn t open them i managed to make generals work by changin the options.ini so the directx error was gone and could play generals. but my problem is zero hour i tried everything and couldnt make it work it just put the zero hour black screen and then it quits.tried deleting the dll file changing options.ini compatibilty mode disabling screen optimisations ....

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