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Oliver Diaz
Oliver Diaz

Digital Sound Factory Ensoniq ASR KONTAKT

Digital Sound Factory employs musicians and performs detailed recordings of their instruments. The recordings are processed using digital signal processors and mapped to a MIDI piano keyboard. Modern music, television, movies, and advertisements are composed using these sounds by electronic musicians Using software synthesizers, composers can have a large collection of sound content on command.Since 1971 the sound libraries at E-mu Systems were recorded into samples designed to play back audio on physical hardware. Digital Sound Factory has an exclusive license with E-mu to re-master the primary source libraries to function on modern computer formats. Digital Sound Factory's first releases include the E-mu Systems Proteus and Emulator sounds, the Ensoniq ASR/EPS/TS sounds, and brand new sound libraries recorded recently independent of the E-MU sound library.

Digital Sound Factory Ensoniq ASR KONTAKT

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Ensoniq sound engineers produced a collection of Compact Discs "CDR Series" consisting of the factory content used to create the EPS (Ensoniq Performance Sampler), Ensoniq TS-10, and ASR sample libraries. 1,000's of floppy discs were transferred to CD's allowing the newer samplers to load sounds directly from CD-Rom drives. This was a large step forward for samplers giving musicians quick and easy access to large collections of sounds.

Totally missed this one! Surprised how many good sounds come with it. Also, on Digital Sound Factory, you can download loads of free additional sounds for it and some great soundfonts,too. Found some cool soundfont demos of their Ensoniq ASR library that reminded me of my sorely missed first sampler


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