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Aerosoft Antarctica X V1 00 Rar FSX

Aerosoft Antarctica X v1 00 rar FSX

If you are looking for a scenery add-on that will take you to the most remote and challenging continent on Earth, then you might want to check out Aerosoft Antarctica X v1 00 rar FSX. This is one of the most technologically advanced sceneries ever created for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D, covering the entire continent of Antarctica with high definition terrain mesh, high detail aerial and satellite images, and a realistic coastline with millions of floating ice sheets.

Aerosoft Antarctica X v1 00 rar FSX is not just a scenery, but also an adventure. It includes seven major research stations in very high detail, each with its own runway, skiway, or helipad. You can explore these stations and learn more about their history and purpose, as well as the challenges and dangers of living and working in such harsh conditions. You can also fly to dozens of other locations all over the continent, from the Russian hub to the newest Chinese skiway at an altitude of more than 13,000 ft. You will encounter breathtaking landscapes that show this continent in all its majestic beauty, as well as extreme weather phenomena that will test your piloting skills.


To make your experience even more immersive, Aerosoft Antarctica X v1 00 rar FSX also includes one of the most widely used aircraft in Antarctica: the Twin Otter. This versatile and reliable plane is perfect for flying in and out of the various airstrips and landing zones, as well as for sightseeing and exploring. The Twin Otter comes with several liveries and configurations, including skis, tundra tires, floats, and amphibian. You can also customize your plane with different cargo loads and passengers.

Aerosoft Antarctica X v1 00 rar FSX is not just a scenery, but also a simulation. It comes with an extensive and detailed manual that will help you get started and guide you through the various features and options. The manual also contains valuable information about flying in Antarctica, such as navigation, communication, weather, survival, and emergency procedures. You will learn how to plan your flights, how to use the supplied charts and maps, how to deal with icing and low visibility, how to avoid terrain and wildlife hazards, and how to cope with emergencies.

Aerosoft Antarctica X v1 00 rar FSX is a scenery that will challenge you, inspire you, and amaze you. It will take you to a place that few people have ever seen or visited, and that many of us know very little about. It will give you a new perspective on our planet and its diversity. It will make you appreciate the beauty and the fragility of nature. It will make you feel like a real explorer.

If you are ready for this adventure, then you can download Aerosoft Antarctica X v1 00 rar FSX from [SimShack], [Aerosoft Shop], or [simMarket]. The file size is 13 GB and the price is around $37. You will need Microsoft Flight Simulator X (including Steam Edition) or Prepar3D v3, v4 or v5 to run this scenery.


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