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4 Player Reactor 1 99 Apk 14 Extra Quality

It is not surprising to say that the light game size is one of the factors that make Among Us game famous. When the gameplay is loved by many people and the game is not too heavy, it makes it easier to reach players. You can read reviews on Google Play or the Appstore, there are many comments for this.

4 Player Reactor 1 99 Apk 14

Download Zip:

Lich - MistaWallop. I discovered this odd combination when screwing around with some Taraniak ship builds. It is a strangely effective drone mk2, with two laser cannons, an energy siphon, two barrel satellites, and a few inertial dampeners. It should hit a peak speed of about 11.1 and a turning rate of 11.1, the main cause of the speed cap is due to the inability to add more thrusters, though the ship weighs next to nothing. It's strengths are its average HP (about 80) for its size, it's speed, the fact that it has built in targeting units, it's auto regeneration, it's small hangar size, and it's ability to paralyze and take down a wide variety of enemies: from small ships, to many medium and large ships, and even some Capital Ships. However, the Lich suffers from many weaknesses: though the vast majority of the materials required are easy to obtain and cheap to make, the build won't be as effective without an anti-matter reactor and energy siphon. While it's hit its speed cap, it also weighs next to nothing, meaning large impulse when hit. It is weak to drone carriers and many Sajix vehicles. It has a hard time with vehicles with frontal energy shields. Never ever pit it up against a Chronos, it will never win, I don't know why, but that is its Achilles heel.

Ursula - Marciko322. This little beginner beast is equipped with an omni-directional Machine Gun, is heavily armored, has a high fuel capacity for non-Capital Ships that it can regenerate pretty quickly. This ship can also be pretty easily created by early-game players, making it the first high-powered ship I've ever gotten. The downside is that the Machine Gun takes a rather long time between salvos, and is inaccurate at long range. If you can get close though, hell will ensue, especially if it's overleveled.

Leech MK2 Black Hole Skirmisher - Darwel. This ship has one and one purpose only. To close the distance as fast as possible to the enemy ship, create a Black Hole and flee. Recharge and repeat. It can take out almost anything provided the player outmaneuvers the enemy. It's vulnerable to unnoticed missiles and Tartarus.

"Piła" Saw - Pszmo,Excalibur with 8 pulse cannons with aiming and nice fire rate. Can take both normal ships and Capital Ships, problematic is ony weight and small energy capacity. Try to get -% weighted Anti-Mater reactors to have better speed. Big amount of HP provide him to survive lot's of heavy rockets like M2. **may not be a viable build in latest game version 0.11**

See also Stealth Carrier version by bennyg11. With standard (blue) parts this build is marginal on energy generation and may need to ditch the repair bot or a module or two. With energy cost reduced parts and reactors with improved output, and thermal armor in every blue slot to boost energy gen, you can get to the +5 or so needed to safely maintain stealth and drones. I don't use drone damage amps as speed is survival and having more drones alive catching and shooting your enemy naturally means more damage. Low hp doesn't matter too much so long as you have drones distracting the enemy. It is very vulnerable to black holes and can sometimes can escape planet gravity... and can be overwhelmed with multiple afterburner xx Capital Ships (Overlord xx, Zeus xx) as it takes too long to kill them, it flatout sucks against Tartarus xx, but otherwise can AFK 100LY 900% bases with 40+ ships with barely a touch. I have even seen it out-drone a same level Thor xx on a couple of occasions :)

Fire and Thorget - Aylanon. Stationary, resistant to planetary gravity, modestly armored and a large energy pool, the Stealth Field makes this ship truly fire and forget. Drone speed is kept around 350% to allow the M31 drones to engage (too much speed and they can orbit a stationary enemy without firing.) With only a little luck, capable of taking down an Unknown Base at 303 light years and approximately 800% strength with literally no user input. The lazy player's best friend.

Crd's Wrath-Crdguy My personal choice for killing any boss whatsoever. Drone capture for bosses such as Leviathan, Colossus, etc. Cloaking module+high energy to stealth under any kind of attack, making it viable against bosses such as Megalodon, Doomstar and Dreadnought (otherwise it'd be ripped to shreds). Dual plasma webs for countering all bosses- as they all are heavily effected by plasma webs. It can slow and stop such bosses from turning. Throw at the back of Doomstar, Thor and Dreadnought to stop drones, restrict movement on ships such as Megalodon, you name it- Plasma Webs counter practically ALL bosses. In the build I used mainly green and some pink and gold modules, it is not particularly optimised and has room for improvement. This single ship is capable of pwning entire bases, gauntlets and the like. While labelled as a boss hunter, it can kill a lot of regular ships too. If you'd like to see it in action, please visit my profile. It is an early version of the Wrath however it shows how powerful it is. (although it was a low level gauntlet it wasn't optimised AT ALL) For improvement, you may swap the armoured cells for regular fuel cells as you will be OHKO'd by practically any ship at higher levels. I would also upgrade the modifiers on the dampers, engines and the reactors. Once this is done you can even add another 2 (small) Plasma Webs to pack more damage for higher levels. It only has one weakness- it struggles against enemies with a warp drive, such as the Kraken. Getting close range, shooting plasma webs and stealthing while letting the Kraken shoot you stop it from teleporting on most occasions however I wouldn't recommend it against such bosses- though it can kill them.

Zeus Apocalypse - Blaah. New and improved version! Up to date with 0.10.8 and new modules. Zeus is an unbelievable power house of a Capital Ship in player hands now. Improved build inspired from developers changes to Zeus xx tactics (ty developer :D). Build needs minimum weight modules in everything except weapons (titan engines can be replaced with - %energy cost) and special modules (afterburner, cloaking etc these need - %energy cost or for afterburner - 50% cool down time). Higher turn rate over velocity is important it allows you to face any direction super fast and afterburn either away or to give chase. Gives incredible mobility and survival and maximises the targeting with the heavy laser m2. Having 2 slow healing drones is also important, they will never keep up with you but are a distraction and you can easily move to them to heal. Heavy laser m2 with +100% damage or +50% range (-% energy cost is not recommended unless you have +600% total energy cost). Missiles have 2 options: heavy m2 +100% damage or normal m2 +100% damage. A hands on killer but is really insane, long range high damage laser with a few missiles around, its laser can also out range doomstar xx :'). Can take on any Capital Ship, very high lvl Oracle xx are not possible sadly, thors can be done without ECM jammer. It excels at killing daazen, 200+ xx Capital Ships possible normal daazen npcs are very very easy. With top level modules it's possible to hit 300-350% damage bonus and still keep speed, armour, energy etc. **This build is NOT up to date, it does work but there is a better option, will update it soon**

Dreadnought Ranged Gunship - DeepBlue10055 - One of the most fun Capital Ships I've used to date. Once you're able to equip a few gold and purple key modules (guns, reactors, engines) and reduce the base weight by 20% this Capital Ship becomes highly effective. Mine is only level 55 at the moment and is easily killing level 150 Capital Ships. A dreadnought vs dreanought fight is some of the most fun I've had in this game in a long time.

አረና መጥረጊያ - Earlanosaurus - The most powerful capital ship I made. It uses M51 ore M52 drones to protect the player ship and destroy enemy AI ships. It uses a Range +50 Gold Death Ray to sweep multiple enemies within seconds in a 360 degrees angle (highest kills-in-a-row is 10). The large drone factory helps build destroyed drones in seconds to get redeployed in the battle field. It has an auto-aim Potato MK3 satellite with a cluster missile launcher for random nearby enemies in the starboard side while a Dart MK3 with an Ion Cannon locked aim for random fire power to enemies in front of the ship. The dual neutron blasters shoots so fast for nearby enemies to get barraged by a blast of neutrons to enemies, Of course I'm kidding! It shoot subatomic particles that will affect both objects to get distorted or destroyed and living things to get radioactive effects to its health. It has ecm jammers to both distract drones and missiles by its beautiful glistening effect that will distort it's optics or it's vision.

Upgraded Kryptoria - Mr Mishmish: Kryptoria upgraded from its default layout. Due to high capacity and low cost of the laser, up-close and personal becomes No Man's Land. The drones REALLY help, especially whenever player has to rotate ship. Really fun, tbh.

EHF: Hunting Raven. User:DeadW4: This build is made prior v2 update but still viable and even easier to get with new crafting system. +Very high speed for vessel and resulting absolute speed for projectile, making it hard to dodge for most enemy vessels;+Proton Torpedo M2 is good itself even in "common" quality - rapid cannon with decent projectile velocity and rapid fire;-Speeds 20/20 and lack of Targeting Unit makes this vessel is very hard to control and making hits with torpedoes, even with increased projectile velocity. So either sacrifice green slots for autopilot or hand it over to AI companion;+-Can fit with antimatter reactor for good energy gain (recomended lightweight one) but uses up almost all green space;-Need for high-level modules, critical are all "golden" quality;-Relying on main gun and non-armed sat's for making up for lack of critical slots. The Hunting Raven has role of intercepting smaller vessels and making all shots count. Core for the build - Proton Torpedo M2 with +100% projectile speed (damage debuff covers up by better chances to hit), high power small fusion engines and weight reducing modules. Satellites are Barrel M1 and Pot M1. Barrel gives an extra slot for engines to reach 20/20 speeds and get some excess power to play around blue slots. Pot is for green slots - either for Inertia Stabilizer or autopilot (if you decided to use it by yourself). Small Repair bot is recommended but not necessary. Optimal setup for green slots is squeezing as much energy as possible by using "golden" modules with halved energy consumption and powerful reactors. In case of using nuclear reactors it's better to get less of powerful than more of lightweight - additional Inertia Dampener wins you more free weight than antorer bunch of light reactors for same values. If you decide to go with Antimatter Reactor - it's more optimal to use lightweight one. For PTM2 and bot 15 recharge rate is good enough. As for blue slots you are free for all except keeping 20/20 speeds, so nanofibers are mandatory. For example I keep around 50-60 power capacity - enough for hit'n'run tactics used by most light fighters.


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