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One Piece Episode 386 BETTER

This makes it very hard to choose which lessons and insights to feature in this episode but I have assembled 8 clips from past guests that I believe offer timeless wisdom and an opportunity to reflect and give you positive momentum for the new year.

One Piece Episode 386

On this episode, Amanda joins us to discuss justice, injustice, how she put her life back together, and living with the residue of tabloid infamy even after being found innocent of this terrible crime. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

Jordan Harbinger: [00:00:34] Welcome to the show. I'm Jordan Harbinger. On The Jordan Harbinger Show, we decode the stories, secrets, and skills of the world's sharpest minds and most fascinating people. And we turn their wisdom into practical advice that you can use to impact your own life and those around you. Our mission is to help you become a better informed, more critical thinker. So you can get a deeper understanding of how the world works and make sense of what's really happening even inside of your own brain. If you're not you to the show, we've got episodes with spies, CEOs, athletes, authors, thinkers, and performers, as well as toolboxes for skill sets like negotiation, body language, persuasion, and more. For a selection of featured episodes and guests to get you started with some of our favorite folks we've had here on the show, go to and we'll hook you right up.

Jordan Harbinger: [00:23:49] So instead of saying like, "Okay, let's be rational about this and go look at this." It's like, "Oh shoot. I've just given 8,000 interviews about how great of an investigator I am and our forensic team, which is like a bunch of cops that have never done forensic and investigation and have contaminated every piece of evidence to the maximum extent possible. We will have to outline all of that for all the politicians, the whole media, the courtroom, or we just double down and be like, 'No, she's still guilty.' Here's this other gymnastics that we can do that sort of steel ropes her into this, that way we don't look like we just could convict literally anyone of a heinous crime," which would be a nightmare because the media never cared about the truth. When it came to this story, they just wanted to sell tabloids and capitalize on the situation. And like I said, in the beginning, It was like these dumb headlines that even as a 20-something, I looked at it and I was like, "This is so stupid. Of course, this random girl who's like 20, did it not orchestrate this ridiculous thing?" I mean, It just didn't even make sense. Even when you read the articles that were 99 percent bullshit about it. It didn't even make sense. Like I had that luxury of being able to close the X on the window when I looked at your social media or when I looked at like these articles and you don't have that. So you truly had my sympathy on this. And lots of things online, even now, they'll say like, "Oh, I can read body language. You see, like, when she looked to the left. That means that she's lying."

Amanda Knox: [00:34:45] I was just going to say that I am very aware of his book and I don't want to say too much about what I think about it because I interviewed him about it. I have a whole episode of a new podcast that I'm developing. That's going to be coming out in the fall called Labyrinths where I dedicate a whole episode to my interview with Malcolm Gladwell and his analysis of my case. I think the one sort of tantalizing mentioned that I can make is that I don't agree. And the reason I don't agree is because I think that Malcolm Gladwell is making a similar mistake that people have been making time and time again, which is explaining my wrongful conviction by looking at me, not looking at everyone else who had power and agency in the situation.

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[01:01:19] Thanks for listening and supporting the show. Your support of our sponsors keeps us going. To learn more and get links to all the great discounts you just heard, so you can check out these amazing sponsors for yourself, visit We've also got worksheets for today's episode. That link is in the show notes at And now for the conclusion of our episode with Amanda Knox.

Amanda Knox: [01:24:40] And there are going to be new episodes coming out every Tuesday, starting July 21st, so if you follow me or Sundance TV on Facebook, you can get updates on that. And that's what's going on.

[01:26:57] Please use our website if you buy anything like books. It does help support the show worksheets for the episode in the show notes, transcripts in the show notes. There's a video of this interview on our YouTube channel. Or there will be at Hit me on LinkedIn or Twitter and Instagram at @Jordan Harbinger.

[01:27:33] This show is created in association with PodcastOne. And my amazing team, including Jen Harbinger, Jase Sanderson, Robert Fogarty, Ian Baird, Millie Ocampo, and Gabriel Mizrahi. Remember, we rise by lifting others. The fee for the show is that you share it with friends when you find something useful or interesting. You know someone is going through a hard time, feeling isolated, interested in true crime, share this episode with them. Hopefully, you find something great in every episode of this show. So please do share the show with those you care about. In the meantime, do your best to apply what you hear on the show, so you can live what you listen, and we'll see you next time.

Jordan Harbinger: [01:29:35] For more from Kevin Systrom, including how to get honest feedback from others and when you should and should not listen to it, check out episode 335 right here on The Jordan Harbinger Show.

Jase: On this episode of the Multiamory podcast, we're talking about some brand new compersion research with doctors, Marie Thouin and Sharon M Flicker. First, Marie Thouin is the founder of Love Insight, a mindful dating and relationship coaching practice where she helps people of all backgrounds and relationship styles create vibrant and intentional love lives. She is also a leading scholar and researcher on the topic of compersion in consensually non-monogamous relationships. Dr. Sharon M Flicker is a clinical psychologist who researches intimate relationships, most recently focusing on consensual non-monogamy and love languages.

Emily: Also, through your work, Sharon, you developed a scale for measuring compersion. We talked about that just briefly before we started recording the episode, but can you go into that a little bit more because that's really fascinating?

Then there's a type of compersion that's related to new or potential intimate connections for your partner. Then the third piece is a sexual arousal piece, and it's not that everyone explains is all three types of compersion, but that all three types of compersion exists, and they're distinct from each other.

Let's hear from the two of you about how you would define compersion. I think within non-monogamy circles, it usually has this very pat definition of just like, "Oh, it's the opposite of jealousy," or it's just like, "Oh, you like it when your partner is dating other people." But it sounds like you've been able to uncover more of the moving pieces of this. Being on the other side of that, how would you define compersion?

Sharon: On average, folks were engaged about seven years in CNM, and they all had to have been in a CNM relationship in the last year, as well as had experience with compersion. Actually, I also pointed out, because I remember this, you talking about this in a former episode, which I was really glad to hear, is that, it was somewhat of a bias sample in that the majority were White. The majority were CIS women. The vast majority were bisexual or pansexual identified, and I think college educated so that it was a particular sample probably from recruiting from the polyamory subreddit.

Jase: Yes. Just a few weeks ago, we did a couple episodes about non-monogamy research. One of the things that came up in one of those was specifically showing communication skills, as well as knowing your metamour did help to increase relationship satisfaction in non-monogamous relationships. That's good that that tracks, and that that's consistent.

Marie: Yes, you're right. That's actually a good indication for a future episode for us to talk about that envy piece of it, because it is so easy to go down just that jealousy route, or just thinking about, "Oh, what is it that you're not getting from your partner in particular?" But, yes, you're so right. It's so common. It comes up in our Patreon community all the time, with the clients that I work with all the time, that there is this particular nuance of, "I can feel really supportive of my partner, and feel secure in the relationship, and also just wish I had the same thing that they had."

Jase: Yes. We love getting to hear about all of this new research that's coming out, and getting to actually talk to you about the process, and getting all these sneak previews is really awesome. Before we go on to the second half of this episode, we're going to take a quick break to talk about some of our sponsors in ways that you can support this show at home. If you find this content valuable and you want more people to be able to access it for free, taking the time to check out our sponsors, and if any seem interesting to you, to go check them out, that directly helps our show, and we really appreciate it. 041b061a72


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