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Rome: Total War - Alexander [REPACK]

Like the base game, Alexander features historical battles. There's a total of 6 battles, which feature set armies and factions on a specific map, designed to recreate the real famous battle. The battle list is as follows:

Rome: Total War - Alexander

1. Download the mod2a. (Steam) Extract the files to your Rome Total War Alexander directory2b. (Disc) Extract the files to your Rome Total War Directory3a. (Steam) go to your library.. right click RTW Alexander.. select properties.. select launch options.. put in this: -show_err -mod:HRTW -noalexander3b. (Disc)Create a shortcut of your RTW Alexander exe file.. right click the shortcut.. select properties.. in the target line after everything insert this: -show_err -mod:HRTW -noalexander

Rome: Total War - Alexander gives the player control over four new fractions (Macedonia, Persia, Indian and the barbarians) and 60 new units. There are also six new historical battles available for single- and multiplayer. A new tournament mode is available, in which the player needs to win a predefined number of battles against a human opponent or the AI in order to proclaim total victory. 041b061a72


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