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Julian Thomas
Julian Thomas

Descargar Windows Xp Sp3 Espanol Con Driver Sata 21

That is, starting the text mode setup is ok, I use "F6" to add theIntel Matrix storage drivers from the floppy ("ICH8-M AHCI"). AnNTFS filesystem is created on the SATA virtual HDD and an initial setof windows binaries is installed to the SATA HDD. Setup reboots,loading XP from the SATA HDD, starts the GUI phase of the installationand after 2-3 minutes crashes with the BSOD.

descargar windows xp sp3 espanol con driver sata 21

I don't know whether 2.0.6 fixes #2024.But this #2282 issue seems to be alive still. I've tried Intel's v8.2 and v8.6 sata driver(ICH8-M AHCI), resulting the same error. I've attached the blue screen shot and log file.Thanks all the same.


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