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Although once thought by most to be a unique brook trout strain the latest genetic research done in the Nipigon Bay region of Canada supports the theory that these fish are simply stream source brook trout. The study results said that: coasters come from tributary brook trout populations and just grow faster and reach larger sizes in the lake than their siblings that remain in streams. When coasters mature they return to the stream to spawn with their stream-dwelling brothers and sisters.


During the 1850s to 1870s large brook trout called a 'Rock Trout' (termed coaster's today) were sought along the rocky coastlines of the Bayfield Peninsula. They were named rock trout because they were angled in the fallen rocks at the base of the sandstone cliffs as depicted in this newspaper drawing from 1879.

The coaster fishery shifted to deep holes within the lower ends of tributaries in August. Fish ascended to upstream spawning reaches during September and October. After spawning it is unknown when they returned to Lake Superior.

The coaster brook trout fishery declined dramatically during the 1880s. We suspect that initial declines were caused mostly by commercial and angling over-harvest. But watershed changes that followed destroyed critical stream habitat which severely depressed both their abundance and chances for recovery.

Much of the damaging watershed impact included driving logs down streams, forest cut-over, forest fires, farmland drainage and road and railroad construction. These activities allowed a greater volume of water to quickly run off the landscape. Larger floods washed away and destroyed habitat that was both essential and critical to brook trout. As populations of stream brook trout declined fewer were able to reach lakeshore habitat and become coasters.

The illustration below on the left shows what good habitat for coaster brook trout should look like. The illustration below on the right shows what degraded habitat for coaster brook trout would look like.

The angling public quickly requested brook trout stocking soon after the fishery began declining in the late 1880s. Millions of brook trout were stocked during the last century in Lake Superior and it's tributaries. Although stocked fish survived to be caught by anglers they failed to restore both a self-sustaining stream brook trout population and a coaster fishery. Stocking quickly switched to other more successful trout species (browns, rainbows) that were better adapted to reproducing in degraded stream habitats.

The last major effort to reestablish a coaster brook trout fishery occurred between 1982 to 1996 when a half-million Lake Nipigon, Ontario, strain brook trout were stocked. Despite stocking at different sizes, seasons, and locations, the program produced very poor returns to the creel and no documented natural reproduction. Recent research indicates degraded stream habitats are inhibiting brook trout recovery. Current management efforts have shifted from stocking to watershed rehabilitation.

When the State Fair of Texas, in Dallas, Texas, closed on Oct. 24, the new Lightning roller coaster at the Dallas Fairgrounds was credited for bringing in the crowds, as nearly a million visitors enjoyed the fair. Many had come out to ride the new 3,000-foot-long, out-and-back wooden coaster, which had first operated on Aug. 7. Officials credited the new ride for increasing attendance from the 1923 fair, in conjunction with a new midway and other mechanical rides. Paired up with the nearby John Miller Skyrocket, the state-of-the-art Miller coaster, built by F.W. Pearce, it thrilled fairgoers for nearly a decade. It wasthe first time the Fairgrounds operated four wooden coasters.

Over 100 years old, the Lagoon Roller Coaster remains one of the most popular attractions at the Park, and one of only a few wooden coasters between Denver and the West Coast. In 1953, a fire destroyed the front of the coaster. It was rebuilt the following year, and sections of the roller coaster are rebuilt from year to year.

To ensure the safety of this ride, inspectors walk and thoroughly check over the tracks in the early morning of each day before putting them into use for the public. The Coaster was designed by John Miller, who also designed coasters for Coney Island.

Get ready for a unique coaster experience in the Poconos. Our signature 4500' steel-track mountain coaster in the Poconos zooms through the trees and down the steep slopes of Camelback Mountain. Climb aboard and experience PA's only mountain coaster! Save time by adding parking when purchasing tickets.

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The Kingdom Coaster at Dutch Wonderland is a kid-friendly wooden roller coaster loaded with fun and excitement around each new turn and drop. Test your bravery on the thrilling twists and turns as you go up, down and around on this laugh-inducing coaster!

My 14 year old son rode his first "rollercoaster" at Adventure City over 10 years ago. We went back this summer so his little brothers could also experience Adventure City for the first time and they loved it!

Participants complete registration for $25, then choose the distance they want to travel on Six Flags Great America's world-class roller coasters. Options include the equivalent of a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon.

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Standing twice as tall as our roller coaster in Columbus, Ohio, Tsunami is a wild ride packed with speed! Feel the forces of a raging storm at sea on Tsunami! Get ready to drop and spin through a twisted course of steel!

Due to their early decline, little is known about the ecology of coasters. However, such information is vital to rehabilitation and management, so research is ongoing. It is known that spawning occurs in the months of October and November. Female brook trout use their tails to create a spawning bed. After spawning, the female covers the eggs (up to 5,000) with gravel. Brook trout eggs must stay silt free and get continuous amounts of oxygen rich water for the eggs to survive. Depending upon water temperatures, the egg incubation period is 3 to 4 months. Brook trout take about 1.5 to 2.5 years to mature and they usually do not live longer than 6 years.

Thrill seekers board a 4-person raft and travel up and down steep hills, jet through tunnels and speed onto the wide-open space of massive saucer-shaped features. The steep angles of the saucers provide a drop-and-dive sensation as riders race along the edges. Cutback Water Coaster features the latest in turbine technology and takes water propulsion coasters to a whole new level with heart-stopping turns, lightning-fast drops and thrilling speeds.

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