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Big League Sports ISO XEX - Xbox 360 [Region ...

The video game industry in South Korea generally followed the same early trends as the Japanese market, but players started focusing on massively-multiplayer online games (MMO) and other games that could be played at PC bangs (Internet cafes). South Korea was one of the first major regions involved in esports in the 1990s and 2000s, and today a large number of professional esports players originate from South Korea.

Big League Sports ISO XEX - Xbox 360 [Region ...

I included quite a few extra programs in the .rar file. A lot of them will come in handy with your Xbox 360 homebrew experience. I'll be going over what each program is good for.360 Flash ToolThis tool allows you to view all the files in your nand and your keyvault. You need your CPU key for this.KeyVault ModderThis allows you to modify the region code, or what your DVD drive key is. If your Xbox 360 DVD drive is missing or you burned yours out, this is the tool you need to recover it! You can either change the key to someone simple as just 1's or what it originally was.X360GameHackSince you can run any code now, you can patch .xex game files. With this tool you can remove region coding from games and many other things.XBLA UnlockerThis will allow you to unlock any DLC, or XBLA games you may have that are demos and that are signed to a certain console. You can download game demos on the Xbox marketplace and unlock it with this tool.Xbox Image BrowserThis tool allows you to view the content of an Xbox 360 Iso image. What I use this tool for is extracting the files from the iso then putting them on my xbox instead of the iso. Xbox 360 iso's are zeroed out to 7 gb or so no matter how big the game is. A game with 1gb of files could be wasting 6gb of space.YarisSwapThis program allows you to modify the console ID on DLC, and XBLA games to run on any console.XbinsThis is a xbins autoconnect tool. Use this to download the latest files.Freestyle DashThis is my favorite Xbox 360 custom dashboard. It includes DVD ripping and FTP support. It is one of the most progressing dashboards that is constantly being updated with new features.QuickbootThis tool creates containers from xex files that can be launched from the dashboard.XexloaderThis allows you to navigate your hdd on your xbox and launch .xex files directly. It also has an ftp server running in the background also. I included 2 versions, one is the ISO which you just burn to a CD and put in your xbox, the other is a XBLA file that you put in your content folder on your hard drive and launch. 041b061a72


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